Mar 31, 2012

(Tutorial) How To Download Friv Games - Friv Games Download Free is a free online gaming site that offers a super large collection of frivolous free games that are very easy to play. Since it requires no signup, lots of people are sampling the gaming site and getting hooked on the colorful, addictive Friv games. And yes, most are highly frivolous, but isn't that the point of online Flash games? They help you fritter away your time and get pleasure in return.

What is the Appeal of has a super simple interface, designed to make it easy for young people to explore its wide variety of games. At last count, Frive claimed to have more than 700 free games. They are classified in categories like Action, Shoot Em Up, Sports, Puzzle and Youngsters.

Not surprisingly, Friv is particularly popular with kids, teens and young adults because its games are so easy to use. But plenty of older people play Friv games too.

The games are all accessible from the home page through a grid of tiny tiles, one for each game. You just mouse over a game tile to see the name of the game, then click on it if you want to play.

Since the games are created using the Flash programming technology, it can take a fair amount of time to load a game. And it requires a computer that has the latest version of the Adobe Flash player installed.

Friv Gaming Network
Friv actually is a bunch of related websites, all apparently based outside the United States. is the main games portal, but a bunch of feeder sites like and FrivTown provide information about the gazillion games in the Friv gaming network. FrivGames.Biz in particular has a nice list of categories, allowing you to browse and play games in a more organized fashion than you can on

What to Play on Friv? rotates its game displays, which can make it hard to find a game you like again.
Some of the popular games on Friv are:
  • Angry Birds Rovio - Yes, those snarly faced birds are popular with young people.
  • Red Driver 2 - Drive around various race tracks in a flashy red racing car, competing against other drivers.
  • Monster Truck Demolition - Go ahead, drive those oversized trucks until they crash and burn.
More Popular Friv Game Titles
This list changes constantly, but here are some of the ongoing popular titles on
  • Panda Tactical Sniper 2 - Go through target training and become a panda sniper by completing various mission levels.
  • Super Mario Strikers - Add a little soccer to your Mario game and voila, it's addictive.
  • Dibbles - Dibbles, dibbles, dibbles. Lemmings, lemmings, lemmings.
  • Panda Tactical Sniper 2 - Go through target training and become a panda sniper by completing various mission levels.
Bonus: How To Download Friv Games
Make sure you've installed IDM

Here is the friv's site:

Click the game you want to play
  • Click Tools – Page Info

  • Click the Media Tab on the Page Info Windows

  • The media tab has a complete list (with preview) of Images, CSS Files and Shockwave Flash files that were downloaded by the Firefox browser while rendering (loading) the page.

  • Scroll down the list and locate the swf file.

  • Now, right click on selection and choose Copy and then paste those new links into IDM. Start your download.


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